Power of 100+ Women - Chico is a giving circle - a group of like-minded people raising, pooling, and granting money together. Giving circles allow for a wide range of giving styles, philosophy, and values. The '100 women model' has proven unique and incredibly effective. Also, it's very simple to participate by giving and helping the Chico non-profit community do even more of what it does so well - make a difference in our lives and city.

How It Works

  • Quite simply, you register through the website. That gives us an idea of who and how many will attend a meeting.

  • The group will meet four times per year for only one hour each time. During that hour, three non-profits will each make a 5 minute presentation explaining why the evening's donation should go to them and, if chosen, how the funds would be used. Funds are to be used for special projects, not ongoing salary or operational needs.

  • Our members will vote by ballot for the non-profit they find most compelling, votes are tallied and members are asked to write a $100 check directly to the top vote getter.

  • While the votes are tallied, the previous quarter's recipient will tell us what they did with their $10,000 so we can hear directly about our impact in the community.

Yes, $10,000+ will be put to good use in our local community following each meeting - that's $40,000 per year for four hours of your time, earning you a lot of good Karma! Your donation is 100% tax deductible (the non-profit will provide a receipt) and you will not be added to a mailing list or contacted again or your name sold by the non-profits that receive our donation. Simple and efficient giving by an awesome group of women is our goal.  Now, that's impressive!


Total donations through September 25, 2019